James Patterson teams up with Bill Clinton .. Again

Authors of The President Is Missing have teamed up for another publication set for 2021.

The President Is Missing (2018) is a political thriller written by James Patterson and Bill Clinton. The book sold more than 250,000 copies during it’s first week of release. It’s total is now reaching over 3 Million copies world wide.

James Patterson is known for collaborating with authors throughout popular series like Women’s Muder Club where he wrote with Maxine Paetro. “Working with President Clinton has been a highlight of my career, and I’m thrilled to have the chance to write with him again” Patterson says to CBC. According to the press release, The President’s Daughter is not a sequel to The President Is Missing therefore will not have any similarities. Susan Sandon, divisional managing director of Penguin Random House UK, said: “I’m privileged to have previously worked with both President Clinton and James Patterson and am enormously proud to be the publisher of this new collaboration, The President’s Daughter”.

If there is anything to add to the exciting thriller is the insider knowledge and creative input that each writer can provide. Readers are forgetting though Patterson released The First Lady where the First Lady took the lead narrative. In the novel, president Tucker is caught up in a media firestorm of his scandalous affair affecting his campaign. This was unrelated to the 2018 release but was released in the same year.

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