Review: Babydoll by Hollie Overton

Imagine going to school and never coming back home, only to find your not far from home..

Holly Overton, author of The Runaway, has written for ABC Family, CBS and Lifetime. Her release Babydoll was voted a Sunday Times Best Seller (2016).

Babydoll is based on a girl (Lily Riser) who was abducted by her school teacher, who she admired. He held her captive in a room for eight years! Until one day, she found her chance to escape. Only to find her family had changed during the time she had gone. She had to learn about the changes, her surroundings but also herself.

This book captivated me from page one. Overton told a sad, scary and powerful story of Lilly and her daughter’s return into society after all that time. I think Abbey was one of the more annoying characters. Shes more emotional but probably because she was worried about her sister and her feelings but we learn she’s the softest of the family. This made it drag a little near the end .. Lily’s emotions keep you head strong as a reader, searching for hope with her.. Overall, Overton keeps focused on the theme of kidnapping and the repercussions it can cause to people and their families. It keeps you invested as a reader and the ending makes you feel courage towards the character.


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