Earth’s Most Sustainable Bars

take your taste buds around the world knowing your helping the planet

Bar Trigona, Kuala Lumpur

Bar Trigona has a hyper-local approach that celebrates Malaysian ingredients and small producers. The bartenders buy ingredients in bulk from farmers and insist on plastic-free packaging. Bar Trigona’s retail corner promotes and sells products such as artisanal honey, Mutiara figs jam, chocolate and even bamboo travel kits.

The team’s philosophy is to extract every essence of flavour, colour, scent and texture from each ingredient. The signature drink features rye whiskey, cynar, trigona honey, bitters for a Malaysian take on an Old Fashioned.

Himkok, Oslow

“Something local” is a Norwegian term for “Moonshine”, signifying another dimension to the name of Himkok. Producing 80% of the spirits used in house, our main focus is to source local ingredients and botanicals. The usage of local producers inspires them for products, allowing us to explore different aspects of Norwegian culture and showcasing true Norwegian flavours. Himkok have the ability to distill their own spirits, brew our own beer and ferment our own wine, mead and kefir. This timeless aesthetic concept is combined with a constantly evolving conceptual layer, portraying different indigenous customs and tastes.

Midnight Apothecary, London

Nestled in a secret garden next to the Thames, Midnight Apothecary is truly remarkable. Enjoy cocktails created with hand-foraged and locally grown ingredients as you relax by a campfire and bask in the magical surroundings of this whimsical oasis.

Kamikatz, Japan

Small town of Kamikatsu, Japan, is making a statement of its own with an award winning, zero-emissions Kamikatz Public House, built entirely out of recycled waste.

The design by the architects Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP has won the WAN Sustainable Buildings Award 2016 not only for its cool looks but also for being built completely out of reclaimed materials. The building houses a bar, a brewery, and also living spaces. All of which feature clever displays of reuse, from reclaimed floor tiles to a bottle chandelier.

Potato Head Bar, Bali

Manager, Tobias Blazques, tackled the issue of waste, eliminating all plastic straws, coasters and cocktail napkins. The drinks are served in reusable coconut shells or wooden cups, and all straws – which are made from bamboo – are also washable and reusable. Even after juicing a lemon, the husks are cooked sous vide to make an aromatic and fresh syrup, used in vodka infusions. The bar supports all local produce and land owners whose products are used in their cocktails.

Gallow Green, New York

Head to the roof of the McKittrick Hotel, the home of Sleep No More. Your’ll be entertained with live music, craft cocktails and an unlimited sweet-and-savory buffet at Gallow Green’s weekend brunch. Don’t worry, there’s some actual gardening going on: In 2014, the restaurant’s aeroponic farm produced 4,000 heads of lettuce. You’ll taste the fresh herbs and vegetables in many of the dishes and cocktails. Brunch Saturdays and Sundays 11:30am–4pm; $38

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