June 2020 Wrap Up

Book Pub Review’s First Month #bookpubbing

Yes, that’s an extra B for the typo when your trying to type drunk. ‘Bookpubbing’ is a trend we have made for you where you have your book and a drink, preferably in a bar situated venue but in this day and age; It’s difficult. We made Book Pub a virtual bar for the bookish people to enjoy in the comfort of their chosen surrounding!

We are quite proud of this month’s reading list. There’s 8 books on that list. That’s alot of wine and coffee when you think about it! Well, here is the list for June 2020 Wrap Up:

1. When We Left Cuba

This book was heartbreaking, cunning and sophisticated. We read the book in anticipation for the release of The Last Train To Key West. The ending was so sweet too which was nice because the ending to Cleeton’s first book was so sad. It was hard to predict if there would be another similar ending.

2. The House Guest

We haven’t put up a review yet! What we can tell you that the suspense is very cleverly written!

3. The Last Train to Key West

Again, Cleeton never disappoints in her style of writing. She honestly brings a fresh approach to each book but brings the same family in. They all have a different role to play within the Cuban revolution. Apparently, there will be another book coming next year!

4. Someone Else’s Daughter

We tried to hard with this book. The plot sounded so exciting but the actual book didn’t do it justice. It’s understanding to have everyone go through something horiffic in life but that was dragged out for too long. The worst part was that we predicted it half way through.

5. The Undercurrent

This is July’s book of the month! It was an absolute pleasure to read this book! We were thankful enough to have been given an ARC copy and it was worth the read. The initial concept was a little out there with the sea slugs but that was Burnett’s way of bringing nature in with the story line. It truly is a beautifully, sad novel.

6. The Wedding War

We were asked what book should be made into a film. We chose Ali Wong as Melanie and Nicollett Sheridan as Tennyson. Their banter is exactly what was needed. There were some moments in the book when you thought “No” but yes, Liz Talley went there. Some OMG, mouth dropping moments in that book. If your after a good girly laugh with some drama and sadness then this is perfect!

7. The Black Swan Of Paris

At first this book was a little hard to get used to. The main character Genevive wasn’t actually called that and her manager wasnt who we thought he was. This was a nice element of surprise in a way because it added drama. It really did significantly draw in the darkness WW2 casted over Paris. The historical fiction is sad, full of espionage and lust. There’s a sense of woman empowerment and survival. It’s not a quick read but it definitely served It’s purpose to entertain.

8. Anthrax Island

This eARC copy was won on our first night at Virtual Noir At The Bar. Danny Marshall, crime writer, has blessed us with an exclusive copy of his book before the release date! He has tweeted that he has managed to find someone to publish his book but no date given yet. We are contacting him to ask about the date and hope to write up the review soon. It’s based on an island where Anthrax has been poisoning a UK island for many years. The book is full of deception, drama, action, espionage and environmental risky factors. It was tempting to add it to the Climate Change theme because Marshall does approach the theme of environment as some stage in the book alongside some historical background. In a way its like a hi-cri/cli-fi book but there is so much crime solving, drama you get distracted to solve the mystery alongside the main character. It’s very good!

Has anyone read any from our list? We want to hear your thoughts!

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