Review: Next Level Basic by Stassi Schroeder

S Gives Herself No Mercy For Her Mistakes Or Being Too ‘Basic’..

Just for note, we are a huge fan of most Bravo/E! television shows like Vanderpump Rules, RHONY, Very Cavalleri, RHOA and KUWTK ect. Over the years that Stassi had grown on you, mostly through the last few seasons on Pump Rules when she broke up with Patrick because she grew up. We always knew she had a really dark side of her personality but this representation was just what we knew her to be. It got to the point where is a story online about Faith getting Stassi and Kristen fired. This story is no joke. Here gives you the no filter side of Stassi Schroeder that everyone hated from Season 1. So, there was a little skepticism regarding this book or even giving her any limelight for it. Seriously. The representation after this story was not doing her any favours.

We listened to this book via Audible. This being a very glad decision because there is quite a lot of ranting in the book with too many acronyms like OMG and the typical ‘whatevs’ type of person you would see on the television. Y’know Bravo-lebrity style. Yes, this is a typical thing in shows like Pump Rules. It just got slightly annoying. If the book was read then it would probably be classed as a DNF. Only because there was too much use of “AF” and clauses from her book title.

Schroeder’s book gives you an insight on how to self-love that person within without giving ‘zero f**ks’ as she irons out her own experiences and what she learned from them. Admittedly, this is something that every woman should take away with them in their life lessons. The lesson of being happy with ones self. She raises some plausible points to feminism. However, she does show sides to her that is completely nuts (in anyone’s world) like the times she went through Jax’s phone..

There’s a big hats off to her for coming out with classified information about her sex tape scandal, break up truths and making yourself more confident. She highlights her humble truths on musicals, goat cheese balls and style icon faves. There is no suprise on any thing she mentioned she liked in the book because you get a gist of all of this from Pump Rules.

Unfortunately, the news back in January has put on an awkward encounter with Stassi. This meaning being dropped by her endorsements, Bravo and Publicist has made us aware of the lack of discipline through her speech. Although this is a branded trait of the thirty something woman, it does not excuse her behaviour. She did publicly apologise on numerous occasions and again in chapter 19. This must be a hard thing to have done. It won’t put a permanent damage on our opinions towards Stassi but has definitely raised some flags in that element. It will be interesting to see what Pump Rules will be without her and how it evolves now. Personally, lacking of the old drama but we’ll see.

On a lighter note, she has proven that although the sh*t gets tough; Stassi bounces back stronger than ever. Her style, taste in decor and beauty advice needs to be branched out more. This self-help book could be more of a stepping stone for Stassi in future. Now that she’s a parent, we will begin to see a different side of her. Again, this book is not the type to be read as it has proven to be a difficult one in terms of the style so would be better as an audio book. If we had the chance to meet her then yes the book would be signed. Duh! A lesson to learn from the style of writing is to take it as it comes because as you know from Pump Rules, you never know what you’ll get from it! We hate to say it but Khloe Kardashian’s Look Better Naked was a better read than this. The style of writing was just a major fall back.

Originally, this book was going to be scored a 3 star. We hope you can tell with our mixed review that we are on the fence. At the same time, people who need a lift in self confidence can really benefit from this book. The final chapter summarised the whole point to her book by taking your ‘basic b*tch’ to the ‘next level’. It showed us readers that somewhere under that fake fan, Pino Spritzs and vitamin patches, there was a harder b*tch that is more than basic some people can relate to. If you are a Bravo fan like us, you can’t help but want to know what her book is like then give it a go and let us know your thoughts!

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