July Wrap Up

Well, firstly … Congratulations to Amy for completing her diploma!

This is our second month running now. We currently have 190 followers on Instagram, 45 Followers on Twitter and about 20 Blog Followers. It’s going well but there is still work to be done.

We featured The Undercurrent for our Climate Change theme. Hopefully, you all have squeezed it in to read. If not, please check it out. It is currently free on Amazon to borrow if your a prime member. Honestly, it’s such a beautifully sad written book. For this month, we will be focusing on Beach Reads! Any suggestions, please get in contact. Otherwise, we plan to take you around the world!

Here is our July line-up:

Queenie: We cried, laughed, felt angry and apathetic. Queenie is a stubborn girl that gets quite emotional. This side of her that want to help her through the break up as this is obviously just the start of everything. Her friends are so funny. They’re a massive support system. @candicec_w really exploits changes of multiculturalism within the UK, racism, sexual abuse, social anxieties but in a relevant manner! It was fun!

One To Watch: Well if you’re a #Bravo fan like us then look no further! This replica of The Batchelor and the reunion of The Real Housewives series has you following the hit show Main Squeeze with Bea Schumacher. She is a plus-size  fashion blogger who is approached by the show to find love. This feel good novel gives you an explosive lusty, dramatic feel to love in one sitting.

Wash Of Black: What a terrific start to a novel! Reminiscent to Women’s Murder Club, MacDonald subtly catches you out on who really killed the star of Blood Ice.

Last Tang Standing: Not what we expected as it was referred to Crazy Rich Aisans. This wasnt a bad thing but really gave you an insight to topics like migrants, different cultures and love. It was a fab summer read!

Evidence Of An Affair: A short but sweet novel. Letters to a stranger about an affair between their spouses got you really choked up.

Wife After Wife: We loved this book! Telling the tales of Henry VIII and his wives with a modern twist. It has a feeling to Mad Men, Me Too Movement and SCANDAL (lots of it). Copsey is already writing book number 2 which we can’t wait to read!

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