Review: Beach Read By Emily Henry

This month’s theme is beach reads. every book updated on our instagram has been a destination book, beach worthy.

It was hard for us to Book Pub Review to narrow down one particular book that could potentially summerise your summer for you. There are so many summers that one person goes through every year. This year has been the summer of Staycations. Last year – for us – was the summer of Mediterranean Sun. We have read people having a summer about Race, Devastation, Love, Travelling, Deception and Happiness. Among the chaos of this past year so far, we thought it would be best to choose a book where it has a little of everything which is easy to read. Our advantage is that it does what it says on the tin. Our book choice for August 2020 is Beach Read by Emily Henry.

The plot is about January and Gus who happen to meet through unexpected circumstances. January’s father had died from Cancer. He hadn’t let on to her that he had another life with another woman until she found out at the funeral. This was such a harship for January to deal with. Her boyfriend also dumped her in a hot tub so she was literally feeling so rubbish. Still, her father had left her his beach house so she needed to go and check it out, deciding what to do with it. Little did she know, her new neighbour for the summer was her enemy from school, Augustus Everrett (known as Gus). This was the last thing she needed! The funny thing was that she didn’t know this until she was invited to a book club where he had entered but she had already said she would go to it. They had later discussed that they could not possibly write each other’s genre and placed a bet on who could sell more. They would teach each other what it was like to research the book and what it took to make it successful. From here, their relationship bloomed. We learn secrets from every character of the novel and some were more shocking than others. We don’t want to spoil these for you though.

Our overall thoughts from the book were not what we expected. The book was a fantastic, short, heart -aching read. On Good Reads, the book was described as a romance novel. Admittingly, we were really put off by this as we hoped it wasn’t one of those hopeless romantic books. We have read some in the past and it was too cringy to read. This was really not the case with this book. It was more enjoyable knowing that we didn’t pre-read it before we announced it as a book of the month because we love finding out if we have the same reactions as you. Beach Read was a terrific book. The style of writing was emotionally raw, simple and relatable. There is not a single character in the book which has faults. Henry brings out the emotionally unstable struggles of January’s grief of her father. There was one annoying part of the book with Gus towards the end of the book which made their relationship a little more complicated but then when you reflect over the whole thing, you realise the point of it when comparing January’s Father’s relationship. It was just the way she wrote the character into the story but again was this because you could understand January’s jealousy or fustration. Sorry if we are talking in riddles but if there is someone who has read this and understands this, please comment below!

Henry described the hardest part about writing the book was “January’s anger” in an interview with EW. She wanted to keep the readers on side with January. If she hadn’t placed these embarrasing, cringy or steamy thoughts into the book, it wouldn’t have sounded authentic so she had to create a safe space for the her to enter where we knew she would start thinking this. This would be when she was with Gus, writing her book or upset when talking to her friend on via messaging. This is where we were on side with January and felt happy to accept her irrational thoughts. One, she was grieving from the loss of her father. Two, she was upset that her father had been telling her lies. Three, she was trying desperatley not to feel a certain way. For this, we have to praise her dialogue. The flirtatious, angry and sassy dialogue between January and Gus had kept the book alive. Literally, the chemistry between them was SO HOT. Honestly, make sure you have a cold drink with you to cool you down! If you’re a secret romantic and very passionate about books, you know that this is exactly something you want to experience. We are very pleased with this month’s book choice and hope you were too!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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