Book Tour: Engage At Dawn by Edward Hochsmann

“Hochsmann knows how to masterfully draw out suspense. a uniquely compelling sci-fi thriller.”

Self-Publishing Review

Coast Guard Officer, Ben Wyporek, set off on KAUAI who has been tasked to seize a drug running boat that has been abandoned, just off of the coast of Florida. Of course, somethings off! There are people missing or dead whereas the ship is in ruins. A skeptical character, Dr. Simmons – working for the government, climbed aboard the ship on a mission. Like any other military man, Simmons is secretive, reserved and focused. He reveals there may be alien life on earth and his scientist colleagues are in search for the base. He is forced to obey orders to help hunt for the life on earth but the trouble is they are being searched for in the same way they are searching for aliens. The drugs busted boat comes back, hungry for revenge, in search for their repayment to the ‘debt’ thinking it is all team on Kauai doings.

Hochsmann guarantees an action packed, dramatic and intense novel following Coast Guard Officer, Ben Wyporek and his team. This novel was so good that we can see it becoming a Stephen Spielberg movie in the future!

It’s not the first time we’ve come across this, like in Anthrax Island by Danny Marshall, where there are one liner jokes mixed into a character. This was not a joke per se, it was a code but we couldn’t help but not reference it: “We’ve got a floater, pretty ripe. Standby.”

Hochsmann provokes military, coast guard and political jargon throughout that makes his experience pop at readers. There was a little over use of impressive terms. Without this, it wouldn’t have been authentic. This compliments the smooth narratives, especially Ben (protagonist), who we become protective over thanks to his loyalty to the team. Hochsmann offers much speculation in the plot about the extra terrestrial life. We are huge fans of conspiracies so accepted all ideas thrown at us, especially with the latest news about Mars: It’s so relevant! The cartel storyline was like an extra treat, again one of our favourites to read about, so there were so many layers to the plot that you couldn’t not read it with anticipation!

Thank you to the Hochsmann and Love Books Tour for the ride.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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