Review: Tequila Sunset

We are at the cusp of the summer. Tis’ the season for summer romances, motivational how-to guides for a “better you” and summer thrillers. BookPub decided to mix the whole bunch of themes together purely for your entertainment. Tequila Sunset by Sam Hawken is here to spice up your lockdown!

The book is seven years old now, wow how time flies, but bare with us. If you’re a fan of Mayans MC and Sons of Anarchy then this if the perfect book for you. Remember when the club deal with sub-stories connecting to the issues surrounding the main themes, it brings all of these features which adds to the charm of the book. There is less presence of the motor cycle aspect of the novel due to the circumstances Hawken brings to the table but there is still a sense of the strong leadership, courage and fearlessness. Tequila Sunset is a crime fiction novel set in Ciudad Juarez delves into the gun and drug trade between Texas and Mexico that helped gangs thrive. The two cities are intertwined with the same connections, supplies and leadership.

Hawken splits the novel into three points of view who all meet at some point in the book. We are first introduced to Felipe ‘Flip’ Morales who has just got released from prison and gets caught up in the Barrio Azteca Gang. Cristina Salas, single mother and an El Paso police officer, raises her autistic child. Finally, Matis Segura is as a Mexican police officer who provides a view of the way the Mexican police force deals with gangs on their side. It appears Hawken’s research has paid off as his intimate knowledge between borders and each scenarios plays a heavy part in the politics between boarders and the countries control over it. The book constantly leaves you frantically reading with anticipation on how Flip will next get muddled up in the trouble. It also shows that no matter how hectic each character’s lives get, they all show the underlying normality that each of them can live.

The book overall is fast paced, punchy chapters, easy to follow plot and the characters are emotionally understood through the literature. There has been criticism over the gruesome details when there is murders taking place. Another note mentioned was the lack of depth with characters. For example, why did flip offer to inform the gang when he was getting nothing out of it. A point to reason your conclusion with is that the novel does highlight the corrupt power that comes between the boarders. Then there is also the risks that people are taking, like Salas, who is merely defending her county whilst juggling a normal life for her son. Hawken is known for writing another novel, The Dead Women of Juarez which is also worth adding to your reading list!

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