Stephenie Meyer: ‘Twilight’ Returns

YA author, stephenie Meyer, sits down discussing her movie productions and how the twilight gang will return

The Twilight Saga was first released 15 years ago based in a small Washington town named Forks. She is always compared to the Harry Potter franchise because of their mutual star actor, Robert Pattinson but fans need to be reminded the two worlds are set far apart and are written for different audiences. The Twilight Saga broke book sale records previously held by the Harry Potter books grossing $2.5 Billion between all of the franchise’s films, according to Forbes. However, this marks the fact that they are both a huge success leading Meyer into one of the most famous book franchise owners in the world. She sold over 100 Million copies which was translated into 37 languages. New release, Midnight Sun, is exactly what we have been waiting for!

“I am very excited to finally, finally announce the release of Midnight Sun on August 4″

Stephenie Meyer sat down with Variety in 2013 to promote the production of Austenland which was produced by her film company Fickle Fish. There was no pressure filming because it wasn’t her book. Austenland was easier to film because it’s full of laugh out loud moments and filming was more laid back. Filming Breaking Dawn, you are expected to keep the similarities to the book as much as possible so was “mentally tense” says Meyer.

When Austenland was released, she decided to spend time with her family. There comes a time after large projects that authors needs time to relax. The projects can be so time consuming, draining and emotional as Meyer described the saga an unhappy place to be. The writing will always be enjoyable if you are passionate about writing. The editing is the hardest part, especially if your a perfectionist. However, “When you’re done reading, the characters go away once you’re done but when you’re writing the characters can last much longer” Meyer explains. This outlined only one of the reasons Meyer had enough of the Twilight Saga.

Midnight Sun was intentionally planned to be released 12 years ago but following a leak, the project was abandoned. Meyer described the leak as “a huge violation of her human rights” after she gave a draft to someone she trusted. She has not named the leaker in question, hold your card close which is clever, and has claimed she will never tell us. If anything, the devastation of something she has worked on for many months, in this case years, making the brand around her niche or style and emotionally placing yourself in the writing makes us understand her decisions behind the delay. We know the ending in the story but you can’t help but wonder if there will be any references to the leak in the book through a character. It has made her heck of a lot stronger in person, producer, mother and she’s most likely grown as a writer from her experiences. It is clear her Variety 2013 interview was a reference to the leak of her book. At that point, she was questioning it entirely.

“The more I wrote, I became convinced Edward deserved to have his story told” Meyer described on her website. It was supposed to start as a writing exercise, probably to gain a background for the mysterious character Bella was attracted too in the first book, Twilight. “I changed my mind because Edward’s version is much longer than Bella’s – Edward over-thinks everything”. Once the leak came about, she felt that there was no way to continue. It disappoint her fan base dramatically as people were commenting on her social media about stalking her and convincing her to write it. Others wondered why she would punish her fans when she knew who leaked it in the first place. Meyer reasoned with press that she knew the leaker didn’t do it for malicious purposes but she has realised who not to trust in future. She did warn fans that she might call it quits after Breaking Dawn but might come back to the Cullen family when the time is right. Now is the time…

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